Design Project 1, Innovation space, M1.1 (February 2021 – June 2021), coached by Ákos Wetters & Gert Guri

Collaborated with: Tymek Feldman, Lisa van Heyningen, Noa Smolenaars, Dorrith Verstegen


Netherlands Space Office (NSO)

The goal of the project was to come with a start-up idea, considering the integration of satellite data from our challenge owner: Netherlands Space Office.  

Public interest in air quality, especially in times with COVID-19, has never been so high. However, finding reliable information on long term air quality data and the expected impact on your health remains challenging. With most air quality analysis websites visualizing real-time data, it is near impossible to draw reliable conclusions about the air quality of a specific location on long term.  This is where Aibel comes in; the air quality label for the outdoor living environment. With Aibel, we aimed to help people make conscious and well-informed decisions about their living environment by bridging the gap between air quality data and society. By incorporating both ground and satellite data in the model, we created an accurate model with a wide range, that also took into account historical data from at least 5 years to date. 

As air quality isn’t something with a quick fix, we believed that Aibel can have the greatest impact by empowering consumers in their choice of a new home when they are looking to move. Through affiliate links on online housing platforms, Aibel offers individuals the opportunity to request an air label and air quality report of a potential home during the house seeking process. Using housing platforms as the main channel, means that we offer the house seeker the most relevant information at the moment they need it, and provide the platform owner with a fraction of the revenue along with a unique competitive advantage.