About me

I am Britt (full name Brigitte), a 25-year-old Dutch living in Eindhoven. I am an ex-top handball athlete, a survivor of chronic Lyme disease and a down-to-earth villager. In my spare time, I like to spend my time on creative projects, mountain biking, cycling, hiking, traveling and cooking.  


What drives me to design for sustainability is that I want to preserve the beauty of nature and want to keep the world habitable, for myself, and future generations but also for non-human entities as I feel that we, humans, ruin the balance within current ecosystems. With most of my family living below sea level, it is also a personal driver to stimulate sustainable behaviors and to avoid sea levels rising even more.

I believe that user-centred design research is necessary. As a designer, I often use a combination of quantitative (e.g. general survey target group) and qualitative research methods (e.g. workshop, reflection prototyping process, group discussion). This approach allows me to complement broad insights from quantitative studies with rich and in-depth insights from qualitative studies. My empathetic and accessible nature helps me to empathize with users and to understand needs from different perspectives.

I experience that my creativity is especially sparked through conversations, by observing real-world situations, and currently also through generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools (text to image). In the design process, I consciously implement a phase of experience prototyping to get insights while having a hands-on approach, which is something I really enjoy (e.g. Ecorbis, Cibus). In this, my down-to-earth personality helps me to analyze and critically reflect on the outcomes of the process. Lastly, I developed skills to design systems that can be evaluated autonomously in the field (e.g. Ecorbis, Cibus). 

Name: Britt Stegers

Background: BSc, MSc Industrial Design TU/e

Certificate Program: Technology for Sustainable Development