Design & Research Project 3, Seamless Interaction squad, B2.2 (February 2019 – June 2019), coached by Saskia Bakker & Izabela Bołoz

Collaborated with: Mirthe Nachtegael, Mathias Verheijden, Jelle Wijers


Flemp, a research prototype of an adaptive ambient lighting design, was developed to explore the influence of light change during meetings based on meeting context. Flemp was designed to be used during meetings by allowing a participant to plan the meeting beforehand by providing information on total meeting time, number of subjects, and relative size of each subject (short, middle, long). This information was used to adjust the duration of each subject displayed on Flemp. The LED ring filled up according to the time of the corresponding subject. If the LED ring was full (as visible in the animation below), the design started blinking to indicate that time is up. Participants could press the top of the design to move on to the next subject, with the design changing color and showing the elapsing time again. If an agenda point is discussed faster than planned, remaining time is distributed among other agenda points. If it takes longer than expected to discuss a subject, time will be shortened for other subjects. The peripheral design intervention therefore aimed to stimulate meeting efficiency in a subtle and shared manner.